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Stone Fab - Chevy | GMC OBS C1500 1988-1998 Narrow Control Arms


Please Specify Whether You Have Coilovers or Factory Shocks in the Drop-Down and if You Are Adding Tie Rods and Upper Mounts

When lowering your 1988-1998 OBS C1500, your wheel options can be limited due to the wide track width of the front suspension. Oftentimes, builders will custom fabricate new upper and lower control arms to narrow the track width to run a wider wheel with a more aggressive offset upfront. The aggressive offset will provide a larger lip size, which most people prefer to match the large lip wheels in the rear if you are running lipped wheels.

Stone Custom Fab takes the guesswork out of having to fabricate your control arms with their narrow upper and lower control arm kits. These are offered in two different configurations for a coilover setup or bag suspension, and both will narrow your track width by 3” overall. If you are running factory tie rods, they will need to be narrowed ¾” on both sides, or you can purchase the Stone Fab tie rods, in the drop-down, that are intended for this kit specifically and require no modification. The lower control arms have a mount for the Stone Fab splined sway bar which is highly recommended when running the narrow control arms.